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Solution Architecture

Define logical layers and patterns from an in-depth scope and process review, to bridge the gaps of legacy systems and deliver a foundation and framework that allows for user effectiveness, trustworthy analytics, and data evolution.


Integrations & Custom Development

Organize and conduct integrations,

facilitate and/or perform data and document migrations, build custom tools and processes to meet any business need.

Project Management

Manage resources, timelines, and budgets

Digital Work Life

Change Management 

Define and facilitate timing for implementation

milestones, training, legacy system cutoffs,

and staff/user expectations

Training Excellence

Professional interactive group training sessions;

courses for Salesforce navigation and global processes; option for custom courses, one-pagers, and/or videos for client-specific processes; ability to track user course participation and progress.



Strategic Analysis and Guidance

Project-based evaluations of immediate business challenges, user impact, and security needs, aligned with best practices and the industry’s most competitive and reliable options; recommend updates, protocols, apps, and/or

processes to streamline workflow and org efficiency; provide budgetary insights;

facilitate/run vendor demos.


Training Consistency

Custom courses to fit specific processes and

workflow, track user progress and participation, professional group training sessions for new process rollouts, streamline onboarding of

staff, embedded one-pagers and in-app videos for live guidance. Greater consistency in learning and access to on-demand courses reduce user errors and downtime while increasing productivity.


Customer Success & Support

Receive and Respond to user questions,

issues, and requests; provide actionable insight and clarity to stakeholders; create and update process documentation; provide audit

and maintenance support of installed packages; serve as main contact for vendors; monitor and triage error submissions

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